How to register MOHANOKOR Mobile

  • Download MOHANOKOR Mobile from App Store or Play store
  • You need to have MOHANOKOR Saving Account
  • Choose languages and click (Activate With MOHANOKOR Account)
  • Agree Terms and Conditions
  • Insert your Account Number
  • Insert OTP number that we send to your SMS phone
  • Congratulation your MOHANOKOR Mobile is Registered


    • Easier and faster
    • Save your time and money by without arrive
    • Reduce risk associated with depositing cash for work Payments, including overdraft and counterfeit money reduction Outbreaks of COVID 19

    MOHANOKOR Mobile’s Function

    • Check MOHANOKOR account
    • Transfer money between MOHANOKOR account to MOHANOKOR account
    • Top up phone
    • Create a new MOHANOKOR account
    • Bill Payment
    • Find ATMs and MOHANOKOR Branch
    • QR payment
    • Transfer money to local bank via BAKONG
    • Withdraw money by code
    • Other services.