Agriculture Loan

In order to contribute to the improvement of the local agriculture, MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc has provided you with flexible loan that is easy to apply. Agriculture loans are provided such as rainy and dried season farming, animal raising, agricultural crops, and agricultural equipment.

    Products Features

    • You are able to get loan as KHR or USD
    • Flexible interest rates
    • Loan size up to KHR 120,000,000 or USD 30,000.00
    • Loan period up to 60 months

    Benefits for customers

    • Easy conditions to apply loan and repayment is able to use balloon and semi-balloon
    • Term of loan is based harvest
    • Repayment can be done at office, home and transfer agents


    • Be a majority aged 18 to 65 years old
    • Permanent resident
    • Legal business and specific income sources from business and agriculture
    • Identification documents such as Identification card, Family book, Resident book, Passport or business identification document, etc.
    • Our credit officer will help you complete application at your door-step

    How to Apply?

    To get an agricultural loan to increase your income, you only follow these steps:

    • Call 1800-20-6666 to ask for more information
    • Appoint a staff of MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc or contact with the Village Credit Committee in your area.
    • Apply for a loan by specifying the amount and term of a loan that it fitted to your needs.
    • Agreed to provide the necessary documents required by the MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc.
    • Agreed to loan terms and conditions


    All credit products payment the customer would pay with MOHANOKOR’s office or transferring agency without fee charged.