Home Improvement Loan

MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc has developed Home Improvement Loan aimed to provide customers who wish to find a comfortable home for a happy family.

    Products Features

    • You are able to get loan as KHR or USD
    • Flexible interest rates
    • Loan size up to KHR 20,000,000 or USD 10,000.00
    • Loan period up to 60months

    Benefits for customers

    • Reasonable interest rate
    • Easy conditions to apply loan and fast access loan
    • Be flexible loan term and able to add loan
    • You can apply loan across the provinces
    • Repayment can be done at office, home and transfer agents


    • Be a majority aged 18 to 65 years old
    • Permanent resident
    • Legal business and specific income sources
    • Identification documents such as Identification card, Family book, Resident book, Passport or business identification document, etc.
    • Respect the business laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia

    How to Apply?

    To get a group loan to meet your needs, you just follow these simple steps:

    • Call 1800-20-6666 to ask for more information
    • Appoint a staff of MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc or contact with the Village Credit Committee in your area.
    • Apply for a loan by specifying the amount and term of a loan that it fitted to your needs.
    • Agreed to provide the necessary documents required by the MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc.
    • Agreed to loan terms and conditions


    All credit products payment the customer would pay with MOHANOKOR’s office or transferring agency without fee charged.