Save more and get more interest earning!

Saving Account with MOHANOKOR, For Investment to increase income and achieving future goals!

Saving is the basic stage of financial planning for the future! Your income and salary should not only be for expenses, but also to allocate cash for savings, which is one of your most important goals.
Easy tips for saving money effectively with “MOHANOKOR Microfinance Institution Plc.":
     •    The first saving tip. 50% Required! Make a plan between necessary and unnecessary!
     •    The second saving tip. 30% secondary expense! Allocate and reduce your regular expenses, start opening a savings account from now on!
     •    The third saving tip. 20% deposit regularly! Start depositing with high interest rates in "MOHANOKOR"!
Enjoy many of savings services, flexible options to meet the needs of MOHANOKOR customers:
     •    General Account
     •    Fixed Deposit
     •    Future Account.