New savings account "KOMA MOHANOKOR"!

MOHANOKOR officially launches "new savings account" that offers high interest rates!

With the new savings account " KOMA MOHANOKOR " is a savings account focused on the financial arrangement of children under 18 years old who can save and spend smartly with the function "MOHANOKOR Mobile" while all parents can save for their children's future and also get a lot of benefits such as:
- High interest rates with secure your cash
- Use MOHANOKOR financial services free with MOHANOKOR Mobile Banking and ATM.
- Able to pay for financial transactions anywhere, anytime
- You have high confidence in the security of your deposit.
More specifically, you can also teach your children about a habit of saving.
- Every opening saving "KOMA MOHANOKOR" with any package from MOHANOKOR, you will get back the money and gold, This promotion offer from today until the end of 2023.
* Term & Conditions apply